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Chronoligical Order For Two of Us 'verse
chris pine
This is a list of the vignettes from The Two of Us 'verse put into chronological order including notes on where they take place in regards to the sections of the original story. I've also included a very rough timeline so that you can have an idea of the years that the stories are taking place in.

I'll edit it as I add more pieces to the story.

last updated: 12.08.09

1. I Wish You Would
Time Frame: between sections vii and viii of 'The Two Of Us'

2. Still My Own (Chris' POV)
Time Frame: between sections vii and viii of 'The Two Of Us'

3. The Morning After
Time Frame: the morning after section vii of 'The Two Of Us'

4. The Pieces Finally Fit
Time Frame: after section v of 'The Two if Us'

5. The Hurting Time
Time Frame: between sections ii and iii of 'The Two Of Us'

6. My Elusive Drug
Time Frame: between sections ii and iii of 'The Two Of Us'

7. All We Are We Are
Time Frame: between sections i and ii of 'The Two Of Us'

8. Memories for Auctioneers
Time Frame: between sections i and ii of 'The Two Of Us'

9. The Rest of You
Time Frame: after seciton i of 'The Two Of Us'

10. Right Out Loud.
Time Frame: after seciton i of 'The Two Of Us'

11. I Wished on the Moon
Time Frame: after seciton i of 'The Two Of Us'

12. The Lucky Ones
Time Frame: after seciton i of 'The Two Of Us'

** Comfort and Joy
Time Frame: Christmas 2006 takes place after section viii of 'The Two of Us'. Chrismtas 2014 takes place after section ii of 'The Two of Us'. Christmas 2024 takes place before section 1 of 'The Two of Us'.

Notes: This is a rough time frame of The Two of Us. It's not perfect because I haven't really pinned down exact dates but it should give you a general idea when things are happening

i. 2027: 20 years after the filming of ST:XI
ii. 2016: Approximately 7 years after ST:XI premieres
iii. 2014: Approximately 5 years after ST:XI premieres
iv. 2014: Approximately 5 years after ST:XI premieres
v. 2012: Approximately 3 years after ST:XI premieres
vi. 2010: Approximately 1 year after ST:XI premieres
vii. 2007: Approximately 3 weeks into filming ST: XI
viii. 2006: Approximately 1 year prior to filming ST:XI

Excellent! This is SO helpful!! Thank you! Now I'll have even easier time procrastinating and re-reading this!

You're welcome! I live to serve ;)

As a fellow writer who is not brave enough ... yet ... to post, I'm writing you a fan letter. This is wonderful, evocative writing. I have so enjoyed reading and re-reading it. You really invest the reader in your story. I always have the Kleenex handy, 'cause I know I'll need it. Keep up the excellent work.

Thank you so much for the very kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much, knowing that makes writing it worthwhile :) I hope you'll get up the nerve to post your writing soon!

I just wanted to let you know that I read all of these and they're amazing. I love this universe and I want to move in. I'll keep an eye out for the press release in 2027 ;-)

Thank you so much! :) LOL, as will I ;) Btw, not sure if you found them but there are a few fics I haven't added to this post yet, they're linked in the memories of this journal :)

frankly i dont get i supposed to know in which order to read the stories now? because sadly i have no clue...

viii 2006 should be the first one? then why is it call viii? and where is it?

and if i start at the top where you have point 1 with the link (i wish you would) why does it say it is between sections? then where are the sections?

i guess i am late the party, maybe i am extra slowly today, i dont know but can you help me out here? the verse sounds interesting and i would love to read the stories in order...thanks

I guess it does seem confusing if you haven't read the original If you read the original story The Two of Us it will make more sense I think. The reason that viii seems out of order is that I wrote the original story in reverse chronoligical order and I numbered the sections. I made this guide here just for people who were curious about where the sequels happened but its not necessary to read them in order at all. I hope that makes sense now :)

ah! thank you very much for explaing and yes, it does make more sense now...and cute cat! :)

I know this is probably a totally dumb question... but I went into the memories post for this fic, and started reading in order. Do I have to read them in chronological order, or is it okay to read them in the memory order? I mean, obviously it's okay but should I be reading them chronologically, or...?

Haha, sorry! I know this is awful.
I am completely loving this verse, by the way. Incredible! xo

It's not dumb :P You can read them in any order you want. I only made this timeline for people that wanted to know when the stories were happening since the 'verse spans quite a long period of time. But there's no need to read them in order :)

Thank you so much! :D

I must say your "Two of Us" series has everything to just make my heart burst with happiness. It's all about love and commitment for me and this was the most beautiful well-written love story. I'm really looking forward to reading my way through the rest of your fic list. =)

Thank you so much, that means so much to me! <3

OMG! This story has been incredibly beautiful ^ ^
The writing, every word, the personality of Chris and Zach ... their love for each other over time .... I can only say: Congratulations on this ... has filled me with great joy ^^
Thank you so, you're great.


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